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The Very Beginning

I know none of you know who I am, but it's important for me to keep this private. Private in regards to my friends and family. I have a close friend with whom I've shared some of my feelings but I could quickly sense that she had the "get over it, move on" attitude. She also wouldn't condone some of the things I'm doing. I am also married and the obsessing over my past isn't healthy for my marriage I know that. But it's been years and I haven't gotten over it. I am the good girl that you all know. I'm the one who does things right and stays out of trouble. I'm the one who doesn't have issues in her marriage. On the outside. At this point in my life keeping up appearances is vital so I ask that if you do find out who I am (through my other journal or what have you) please be respectful of my situation.

My story is basically, fell in love, got dumped, got married, still in love with the former who is also now married, and happy, and he doesn’t think of me at all, and yet here I am torturing myself.

I was in high school and my best friend at the time (Kay) attended another area school, she quickly made friends with a group of people of which included Daniel. He was in a serious relationship with another girl at the time. Kay would have pictures of Daniel and his lady in her room. I would stare at them, at him. I wondered if I’d ever meet this guy. I would sneak glances at one picture in particular anytime Kay left the room.

Then one day it happened.

I always spent Thanksgiving with Kay and her family. My senior year of high school was no different. Right after we had finished eating, Daniel called to see if Kay wanted to go play basketball (not knowing I was there). She asked me if I wanted to go, I said “yes” and she told Daniel that I would be coming along.
Shortly after, Daniel, his best friend, and his brother picked us up in his van. We played basketball for awhile and then went back to Daniel’s house for refreshments.
I met his mom and dad. His mom (whom I absolutely adore) gave me a great big hug upon our initial meeting. I was so overjoyed, sad at the same time because he had a steady girlfriend.

So began a year and a half of waiting.
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